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Prado Vision Lasik Center in Tampa, Florida, offers the most widely used laser for our laser vision correction procedures.Technolas® 217A

Technolas® 217A

The Technolas® 217A excimer laser's innovative "flying spot" technology produces an extremely smooth corneal surface. The Technolas® 217A laser uses a state-of-the-art feedback mechanism that helps to ensure sure every pulse is placed as prescribed. The Technolas 217A laser is designed ergonomically for LASIK. Which means greater comfort for you and greater flexibility for your surgeon.

The Technolas® 217A is a newer generation excimer laser. An excimer laser is a precise computerized instrument that uses invisible ultra-violet light to ablate the cornea during refractive surgery. This cool light laser produces virtually no damage to the surrounding tissue, increasing its safety. Each pulse of the laser removes only a minute amount of corneal tissue - about 1/500th of the thickness of a human hair. First- and second-generation excimer lasers use a broad beam (about 6 mm in diameter) with an aperture that controls the amount of the beam that is exposed to the eye during any single pulse. Manufacturers have refined this technology by splitting the single broad beam into several smaller beams that are rotated around the treatment area (similar to how a showerhead splits the main water stream into smaller streams).

Newer generation excimer lasers, such as Bausch & Lomb's Technolas® 217A, utilize an innovative technology called a "flying spot laser." A narrow beam (about 2 mm wide) contacts the eye at lightning speed in a pattern that allows the debris to clear in one place before contacting that area again. The laser beam covers a broad surface area, but does not penetrate as deeply as in RK procedures. Unlike the broad beam, the full width of the flying spot beam is exposed to the cornea during every pulse. This technology produces a smoother corneal shape and helps increase the accuracy and efficacy of the surgery.

Technolas® 217z Zyoptix™

This is the newest generation excimer laser. It combines both a 2mm and a 1mm beam. The Zyoptix ™ system maps thousands of data points - giving your doctor a fully detailed, three-dimensional picture of your cornea's shape and characteristics. Your doctor can then provide a unique treatment for each eye, resulting in personalized vision correction that is as individual as your eye. With the Zyoptix™, your doctor can advance your vision to a new level of precision and clarity.

Small imperfections in the shape of the eye can cause a scattering of light, which in turn can contribute to vision impairment. This scattering of light forms distinct patterns within the eye known as aberrations. The innovative design of the Zyoptix™ personalized laser vision correction system allows your doctor to measure these aberrations, then plan a treatment that exactly matches the eye's individual vision errors.

The Zyoptix system has been providing clear, and accurate eyesight for over 2 years, and has been used in over 100,000 procedures worldwide.

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We will review the risks and benefits of Lasik and answer all your questions completely. We find that only 15 to 20 percent of patients are not Lasik candidates. Some of these may be candidates for other laser vision correction procedures, such as PRK.

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AcrySof® ReSTOR® Intraocular Lens

The AcrySof® ReSTOR® Intraocular Lens (IOL) is uniquely designed to improve your vision at most distances. Dr. Antonio Prado is proficient at ensuring that your cataract surgery, featuring ReSTOR IOL insertion, will be safe, effective and painless. Combining the revolutionary refraction characteristics of the ReSTOR lens, and the exceptional experience and care of Dr. Prado, your Cataract Surgery and outcome will be unsurpassed.

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Antonio Prado is the head ophthalmologist and laser eye surgeon of Tampa, Florida's Prado Vision and Lasik Center. Our center is comprised of the top ophthalmologists, optometrists, and refractive surgeons in Tampa, and we strive to provide excellence in all areas of eye care, including Lasik, cataract surgery, contact lenses, glasses, and more.

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